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Galatea - $26,000


Tumlaren - “Galatea”
Built: 1938 - J. Edwards
Length: 8.3 m
Beam: 1.9 m
Depth: 1.27 m
Waterline: 6.65 m
Sail area: 20 Sq. mtrs
Hull: Huon Pine
Mast & Boom: Oregon
Sails: Main, Spinnaker, Head Jib, Head Genoa
(All sails – 2 years old)
Removable out board engine - Honda 2 Hp
Battery with solar panel for powering auto bilge pump
Safety equipment: All compliant
Full protective external cover

Launched in 1938 “Gotnum” now “ Galatea” was built for Dr Littlejohn by J. Edwards to the original plans of knud Reimers. She was kept at Brighton & sailed by B. Needham & on occasions the owners son, W. Littlejohn. She was then sold to Dr ( later Sir) Hugh Devine who renamed her “ Ulrica”. He installed an auxillery, then sailed her around to moorings in Westernport Bay to use her to fish in Bass Strait during the war. Around the early 1950’s she was renamed “Galatea” and was a major competitor in the RMYC Tumlaren races. (The Tumlaren class during this time was the backbone of the clubs fleet & provided fine racing).

She was purchased by the current owners in a state of demise in 2007 after being spotted on a swing mooring at St Kilda.

After being restored with total love & respect (and considerable expense) she now graces the waters again in total splendour, regularly racing against other Tumlarens in the classic yacht races. She is currently located on a swing mooring at St Kilda.

For more information, prospective buyers should contact:

George Low 0418333301 george@georgelow.com.au
or Chris Lawrence 0414182837





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