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Couta Boat

Name of Boat


Owner's Name

Andrew Davis 

Boat Location

Clarence Point Tamar River 

Registration No.


Sail No.



Feet & Inches  Outside of stem to outside of transom

Overall Length

22' 3" 

Maximum Draft


Maximum Beam


Centreplate Case Length




Carvel Clinker
Open 1/2 Cabin Cabin


Gaff Lug










15 or 18 





Peter Locke 


Peter Locke 


In Tasmania- Owned by a fisherman at Triabunna on the East Coast of Tas. Went to Kettering near Hobart. Owner unknown. Purchased by Craig Armstrong now Dec, and transported to Launceston by road. Sold to Robin Yates. Hauled from water at Tamar Marine Launceston for restoration. Cabin and deck removed hull stripped motor removed and every second rib removed ready to re rib from mast, step to stern by local shipright. It was decided by Robin Yates the cost would be too great to continue the project so the boat sat on the slip for over a year opening up in the hot sun. The boat was spotted by Andrew Davis of Launceston. He liked the lines so much he decided to purchase the boat and do a complete restoration job on her. Photos were taken and sent to Tim Phillips for confirmation that this was a true Couta boat and the boat was purchased in 1996

Race Record


Restoration so far The boat was very loose and pine frames were constructed and fitted inside the boat to retain the shape when transporting. The boat was transported to the owners shack at Clarence Point on the Tamar River near Beauty Point about 40 K downstream from Launceston. The old deckbeams and gunwhales were removed and 70 new Celery Top ribs were steam bent in place. The Kauri Hull planking, full length planks were in excellent condition and the new ribs were refastened through the original nail holes with 3000 new copper nails and roves. A new Celery stern and gunwhales were fitted, as well as new Celery deckbeams the full length of the boat. The new coaming is also celery. A new Jarrah case was installed with new fastening bolts. The new deck is teak and the new lining boards Cedar. The keel timber and stem were in very sound condition and didn't need to be replaced. All mast spar and jiboom material has been purchased from the Wooden Boat Shop as well as all the bronze fittings de! Cktracks and Wooden Blocks etc. Jobs left to do, fit engine beds and motor, mast spars and rigging, complete floors complete painting . We had trips to the Wooden Boatshop to check out other Couta boats and make templates etc. Many thanks go to Tim Phillips for all his assistance with technical info measurements and one visit to have a look at the boat. We are looking forward to launching one day and waving the Couta Boat flag on the Tamar River. I will find some photos and forward them to you shortly



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